Retail Pharmacy Solutions

Barcode and RFID inventory control systems, including scanners, label printers and software, help retail pharmacies reduce operating costs and improve service.

Label Printing Solutions

Use a barcode printer and barcode-generating software to print labels, either individually or multiple at a time. These labels can be affixed to medications and bin and shelf locations to expedite check out, and more conveniently and accurately track inventory. Barcoding offers a wide range of batch and wireless hardware and software solutions to automate your inventory process.

Wireless Connection (RF) and Batch Collection Solutions

Either performed with a wireless connection (RF) or through batch collection, data collection with portable terminals can help you control inventory.

    • Batch data collection refers to types of applications in which information is collected and stored on a handheld terminal. After the work is complete, the handheld is placed into a docking cradle, and the information is uploaded all at once into the host application. Batch solutions are ideal for intensive scanning applications where the collected data is not needed immediately.
    • Wireless data collection, or RF data collection, though more expensive to implement than batch, will provide you with updated information instantaneously. This can be important when the information is time sensitive and needs to be updated constantly.
Once the data have been collected, it is uploaded directly back into the ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) database. Plus, it is possible to integrate both batch and wireless applications within your facility.

Scanners for POS Applications

As with any retail store, barcoding technology can be used to assure pharmacy pricing and inventory accuracy for both medications and OTC merchandise. While barcoding technology does not change your business process, it will improve productivity and accuracy, enhance customer and employee satisfaction, cut costs, and increase profitability.

Add accuracy and efficiency to your retail pharmacy.

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