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FAQs on Wireless Networking and Wireless Infrastructure

A typical wireless infrastructure consists of access points mounted in the ceiling that are connected to your network. These access points communicate with wireless devices such as laptops, mobile handhelds and printers to provide accurate data information in real time to your workers and managers.

Barcoding, Inc. is one of the first companies in the world to integrate handheld, mobile Internet device technology and voice over IP (VoIP) telephony within a wireless network originally designed for barcoding applications. Barcoding, Inc.’s technical staff is trained and certified in wireless LAN (Local Area Network) technology from our partners such as Zebra/Motorola and Cisco.

Warehouse Applications: Inventory Control, Shipping / Receiving, Put-away / Pick-up, Database Look-up, Package Tracking, and Warehouse Management.

Manufacturing Plant Floor: Raw Materials Receiving, Time and Attendance, Job Tracking, Quality Control, Preventive Maintenance, Work In Progress


Distribution: Vehicle Tracking, Route Accounting.

These systems help avoid the inevitable human errors inherent with a manual system and provide real-time information that you can use immediately. For example, a wireless network can help a forklift truck operator decrease the time spent searching for a specific item, optimize pick path travel distances and reduce re-warehousing.

Companies that use wireless barcode data capture have discovered that what you actually do with the data – how it is collected, processed and acted on – can slash manufacturing costs, increase productivity and boost profits. If you’re looking for a way to improve your bottom line and meet your toughest competitive challenges, take a close look at what a wireless network can do for your organization.

With a Barcoding, Inc. solution, you’ll also benefit from:

  • Saving time or eliminating the need for physical inventory counts
  • Decreasing lost sales and backorders caused by inaccurate inventory
  • Reducing manufacturing overruns caused by inaccurate inventory levels
  • Avoiding disruptions caused by input material outages

Aside from the network infrastructure which consists of access points or a wireless switch system, most wireless applications utilize different mobile data collection devices such as:

This decision revolves around your application and the time-sensitivity of your data and information. A wireless system will allow you to transmit data instantaneously from your mobile unit back to your network, as well as have up-to-the-minute information. A batch system works by gathering information and uploading it back to the network all at once when the unit is placed in its cradle. While this does not provide instant access to your network, for some applications such as asset management, the cost savings of implementing a batch system justifies the decision not to install a wireless network.

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