Barcoding at Promat 2017

Barcoding showcased a #SupplyChainGeek Innovation Bench in booth S3593. 

Some highlights:

  • Our booth – from RFID Plinko to Honeywell’s brand new Autocube
  • Two successful seminars on the show floor
  • A well-attended Mix and Mingle with customers, prospects, and sponsors: Honeywell, Zebra, SOTI, Netsuite, DLS, IntelliTrack, and Cradlepoint. We even showcased a 65-inch touch screen display!
  • A Women in Supply Chain event – insightful and great connecting with fellow industry leaders
  • Student Days  Tour where we explained our role in the supply chain
  • A new POWER UP™ table on display (from our NV3 acquisition).
  • Videos with SupplyChainBrain on labor management and with Zebra Technologies


Watch our two seminars from the Promat Show Floor!

Transformative Power of Wide Area Passive RFID - Tom O'Boyle

Seminar details:


Tom O’Boyle – Director of RFID

What You Will Learn

Supply chain systems have been trying to deploy RFID technology as a real time tracking tool for years. Difficulties related to RFID choke point placement, software, and process flow has limited our ability to use RFID productively. Imagine being able to look at your bulk warehouse area and know what is there without any human intervention. Recently, new and improved technology has become available to truly deploy RFID to show movements in a warehouse without the complications of the past. This new technology uses passive, low cost RFID tags to track inventory, assets, and people throughout the facility. Our seminar will explain the new technology, how it benefits supply chain users and where to deploy it properly.

Key Takeaways

• New passive Wide Area RFID technology
• How and when to deploy the technology in a supply chain environment to gain operational efficiencies

SPONSORED BY IMPINJ: the leading provider of RAIN RFID solutions

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Identify Opportunities in Your Supply Chain Before They Become an Issue - Chase Sowden

Seminar details:


Chase Sowden – Supply Chain Architect

What You Will Learn

At the epicenter of an organization is your customer. The customer is the primary focus – it’s not that the customer is always right; it’s that the customer is everything. Each organization needs to understand how their customer defines value; the customer stimulates the demand for a service/product; the customer defines the requirements; the customer evaluates the results. Optimize all areas within your supply chain to deliver customer value.

Key Takeaways

• The key is to be proactive with your supply chain and not reactive.
• Learn how to look for opportunities to improve your supply chain.

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