ZM Sheet Metal’s Move to IntelliTrack Pays Off

Top-class inventory management solution provider IntelliTrack is an industry leader. Its inventory control systems have been installed tens of thousands of times around the world everywhere from Fortune 500 firms to small businesses.

One company that has benefitted from IntelliTrack is ZM Sheet Metal. For half a century, this family business has enjoyed a great reputation throughout the mid-Atlantic region and New England for its ductwork, which supports HVAC systems in residential and commercial buildings alike. In addition to their extensive catalog, they can also provide custom parts that meet specific needs. The quality of their products is evidenced by the high volume of repeat business they attract.

When ZM decided to update their inventory management method, they sought a location-based system for tracking inventory that would cover both of their warehouse locations while making better use of barcodes to help boost shipping and receiving accuracy. They also wanted a solution that could be supported by handheld mobile data terminals.

They ultimately decided to go with IntelliTrack because its ability to treat them as a unique firm and cater to their specific requirements. The IntelliTrack team suggested they install their inventory software, which is known as Warehouse Management Software (WMS) RF Professional, and integrate it with QuickBooks, thereby allowing site designation for purchase and sales orders in addition to producing unique part numbers to be used for labels and shipping.


The move brought about some impressive outcomes for ZM Sheet Metal, not the least of which is a reduction in administrative costs. They’ve also noted better reliability and accuracy and optimum inventory levels because of the real-time tracking. Electronic data collection reduces the need for paper and time, and they’ve needed to hold fewer meetings because all employees have direct access to the relevant information. Finally, they’ve registered a reduction in the amount of time spent looking for product and trying to determine how much is available.

To learn more about IntelliTrack’s partnership with ZM, click here.

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