Zebra’s WiNG Express Review


Top Features

– Affordable enterprise-grade wireless LAN
– Very easy to launch and configure
– Great network visibility & security
– Designed for small business usage

Our Take

Launched in July of 2014, WiNG Express offers true enterprise-grade connectivity without the enterprise-sized price tag. It was designed purely for small businesses that could not afford a full-scale deployment but still required the enhanced security and management solutions that are often found within larger corporations.

Additionally, the graphical interface on the WiNG Express makes it easy to launch and control. It employs the same award-winning technology found in the WiNG 5 WLAN for large corporations, yet the simplified touch screen ensures that it can be fully managed without a dedicated IT professional on-site.

Our geeks were very impressed with WiNG Express since it allows small businesses the chance to access true enterprise-class functionality and protection at a modest price-point. Since the network is also easily expandable without a dedicated IT staff required to manage it, it is an excellent entry level solution for small or new companies.

The Good

The WiNG Express can be deployed in minutes yet it provides the same government-level security and visibility of much more expensive networks. It is also easy to manage, making it a great choice for small businesses without an IT department.

The Not So Great

The only real limitation of the WiNG Express is that it includes up to 25 access points right out of the box, which can be expanded up to 1,024 with the WiNG Express Manager.

What’s New?

– Enterprise wireless network with up to 1,024 access points
– Easily deployable with powerful security/analytics
– Built to scale as business grows over time
– Entry level pricing for small businesses


Ease of Use

The WiNG Express can be deployed in mere minutes with no IT experience or real technical know-how, which is truly rare in this class of WLAN solutions. It is easy to manage and expands as necessary.

Best Environments and/or Applications

The WiNG Express is ideal for small businesses that require up to 1,024 access points across their network. Since it is “out of the box” ready without the need of an IT department to configure and manage, it is a solid choice for virtually any company that’s ready for enterprise functionality on a smaller scale.

To learn more or to purchase the WiNG Express from Zebra Technologies, contact Barcoding, Inc.