Zebra’s Millionth RTLS Tag

Zebra Technologies recently announced the shipment of its one millionth real-time locating system (RTLS) tag.

“This milestone of one million RTLS tags is a great accomplishment for Zebra and points to growing demand for real-time locating systems,” said Jill Stelfox, GM of Locations Solutions, Zebra Technologies.

RTLS solutions are most commonly used in the automotive, manufacturing, healthcare and sports industries. Zebra’s shipment of their millionth RTLS tag is a sign that usage of RTLS systems will only continue to increase. In fact, global RTLS usage is estimated to increase at a rate of 37 percent each year, through 2018.

It’s no surprise that companies will continue to invest in RFID and RTLS solutions over the next few years, as the increased visibility allows for more informed business decisions, increasing overall efficiency and throughput.

Congratulations to Zebra Technologies and their millionth RTLS tag!