Zebra ZT400 Series Industrial Printers

Industrial printers may not seem like what keeps the warehouse going, but having a reliable printer is a crucial element in staying efficient.

In order to ensure operations run smoothly, Zebra recently introduced the ZT400 Series of industrial printers. The ZT400 Series is constructed with an all-metal frame and bi-fold door, delivering advancements in speed, registration, connectivity and features.

In terms of connectivity, the Zebra ZT400 Series offers a lot of options—USB, Serial, Ethernet, Bluetooth and RFID capabilities are all possible with these industrial printers.

As always, with Zebra’s Link-OS environment, users can easily integrate, manage and maintain the ZT400 series from anywhere in the world.

Currently, the ZT400 Series consists of the ZT410 and ZT420.

The ZT410 features:

  • 4” print width
  • 14 ips
  • 600 dpi

The ZT420 features:

  • 6” print width
  • 12 ips

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