Zebra ZQ500 Series Mobile Printers


Top Features

– Prints up to 5 inches per second
– Compatible with Apple, Android and Windows devices
– Advanced Bluetooth 4.0 functionality
– Excellent rating against dust, drops and moisture
– Simplified user interface & great battery life
– Ability to pair w/ multiple devices simultaneously

Our Take

The ZQ500 series mobile printer from Zebra Technologies made its way to market in the first quarter of 2015. It boasts best-in-class durability and printing accessories for mobile users working in a variety of environments, and our initial testing shows these claims to be accurate. These printers easily pair to Apple, Android and Windows mobile devices and deliver super print quality even in extreme weather, plus it is resistant to dust, moisture and other elements that would bring other devices to a screeching halt.

Additionally, the ZQ500 series of mobile printers offer both 3” and 4” print sizes that can print up to speeds of 5 inches per second, making it one of the fastest in its class. Since they can print a large variety of labels, images, barcodes, and/or receipts, they are versatile enough to meet a number of 2needs without sacrificing the overall functionality you’d find in a dedicated solution.

Overall, our geeks love the combination of simplicity, versatility and ruggedness of the ZQ500 series mobile printers from Zebra Technologies. Even after dozens of intentional drops on pavement, snow and water, our test printer continued to produce flawless receipts and labels. It is easily one of the best models we’ve tested this year.

The Good

The ZQ500 line offers fast print speeds, excellent connectivity and simple one-touch printing while on the go. Battery life was also impressive and we simply could not get over how durable these printers are when used in the field; even after repeated drops, the ZQ500 produced error-free printing. Being able to pair with multiple devices through Bluetooth is also impressive.

The Not So Great

There is little to complain about when it comes to the ZQ500 line.

The Bottom Line

Of all the mobile series printers we’ve tested, the ZQ500 series from Zebra was easily the most durable of the group. With fast printing speeds, excellent connectivity and a truly superior construction that can handle tough climates and daily abuse, it is our top pick within this category.

What’s New?

– Advanced LinkOS operating system
– Enhanced print speeds up to 5” per second
– Smart battery technology
– Class-leading rugged construction
– Supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands
– Extended print and accessibility accessories

Ease of Use

The ZQ500 series mobile printer is delivered “out of the box” ready and easily syncs with any major mobile device (iOS, Android and Windows). The large buttons make it ideal for simple interaction and ample accessories are provided for more complex tasks. With remote management capabilities and excellent battery life, the ZQ500 is enterprise-ready from day one.

Best Environments and/or Applications

While the ZQ500 series mobile printer was designed primarily for transportation and logistics, government agencies and manufacturing, it’s solid performance benchmarks and excellent durability makes it the perfect choice for any mobile user that’s constantly on the go.

To learn more or to purchase the ZQ500 from Zebra Technologies, contact Barcoding, Inc.