Zebra & Zatar

Zebra Technologies is using Zatar, their cloud-based platform, with iBeacon technology, to create a new retail experience

Over the past few years, what was once merely a concept has rapidly expanded into a phenomenon. We’re talking about IoT—the Internet of Things.

Zebra Technologies is aiding in the proliferation of IoT with the expansion of Zatar, their cloud-based platform that supports location services based on iBeacon technology.

Earlier this year, Zebra exhibited how Zatar and iBeacon technology can allow for personalized advertising in retail stores, among other venues.

iBeacon is a new technology from Apple that extends location services by recognizing the presence of iOS and other devices. At NRF, Zebra demonstrated how iBeacon can communicate with Zatar by sharing a consumer’s location with a third-party display application, thus allowing retailers to more effectively target their messaging.

“The Zatar platform provides the capability to integrate iBeacon-based location services and in-store displays to deliver personalized messaging to consumers,” said Phil Gerskovich, senior vice president of New Growth Platforms for Zebra Technologies. “As iBeacon technology becomes more widely deployed, retailers will have an immediate opportunity to transform consumer shopping experiences by integrating location services and display messaging in their stores with minimal investment.”

In addition to custom messaging, retailers could use iBeacon and Zatar to gain insight on the customer’s proximity to products and offer incentives—all in real time.

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