Zebra Technologies Helps Mobile Payment

Zebra Technologies partnered with Hybrid Paytech, a company specializing in enabling PIN/debit transactions via consumer smartphones. With the help of Zebra, Hybrid Paytech will now be able to provide consumers with printed receipts.

Zebra’s MZ series mobile receipt printers will be used to complete Hybrid Paytech’s mobile payment process. “Customers all over the world can benefit from our combined mobile payment and receipt printing solutions,” he said. “These offerings help increase mobile workforce productivity, reduce operating costs, enhance the customer experience and drive customer loyalty—from in-store mobile payment acceptance to acceptance of credit or debit payment on delivery for courier services to onboard transportation ticketing,” said Keith LeFebvre, VP of product management, Zebra Technologies.

With the popularity of mobile payment constantly increasing, its no surprise there’s a huge demand for mobile receipt printing.