Zebra Technologies: Driving Innovation

Zebra Technologies, a long-time partner of Barcoding, Inc., was recently featured in Daily Herald’s Business Ledger for driving innovation.

Zebra was founded in 1969 and now has 50 offices worldwide, with its innovation incubator in Chicago’s Greek Town neighborhood. While headquarters will remain in the suburbs, this entrepreneurial environment focuses on innovation. While most manufacturers who use a separate space within a corporate structure will spin off into a separate company, Zebra wanted to create an innovation hub that could still easily reach out when resources are necessary.

Since the new staff isn’t tied to the pioneering days of Zebra, they have a lot of freedom to think outside the box. We recently discussed Zatar, which began as an idea about four years ago for wanting to give companies a “digital voice.”

Since the usage of cloud computing has increased greatly over the past few years, connecting devices to sensors has also become more appealing and cost effective. Zatar, Zebra’s new cloud-based platform for enterprises that sees your devices and connects them to the Internet, has greatly expanded Zebra’s product offerings and creates a pathway to the future.

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