Zebra RW 420 Route Palette

Zebra recently announced the release of the RW 420 Route Palette, an integrated carrying device that works with the Motorola MC9500 mobile computer for field service operations. The RW 420 is easy to use, yet rugged, with an IP rating of 42.

When in the field, workers can simply carry the light-weight RW420 with a shoulder strap and handle, allowing them to easily enter data, print receipts, invoices, etc., without having an additional mobile device on their belt.

In addition, the Zebra RW420 features:

  • Built-in Digital Exchange (DEX) Interface
  • Simultaneous Charging
  • User flexibility

In addition to the Motorola MC9500, the RW 420 also supports the MC9090-S, MC75 and MC70 mobile computers from Motorola.

Learn more about Zebra and Motorola, and see what their solutions can do for your business.