Zebra MotionWorks™ Sports Solution

Zebra Technologies recently announced the release of MotionWorks™ Sports Solution, a next-generation sports statistics, event and visualization platform.

Designed for the sports industry, the MotionWorks Sports Solution allows organizations to gain real-time visibility into everything on the field, allowing for accurate visualization in order to improve team success.

By using Zebra MotionWorks Sports Solution, teams will be able to accurately track the location, speed and directon of athletes in team sports.

“We believe Zebra’s MotionWorks™ Sports Solution will help professional and collegiate sports teams – as well as their players and business partners – by providing valuable information and tools, such as game statistics, real-time video overlays, and data which will help to enhance team training, evaluation, and fan experience,” said Jill Stelfox, General Manager of Location Solutions at Zebra.

MotionWorks Sports Solution uses RFID technology—receivers are placed throughout the stadium and RFID tags are placed inside each players’ gear. The data is compiled and sent to a database, providing a complete archive of game information.

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