Zebra KR403 Kiosk Printer

While running a kiosk may seem like a simpler alternative to an actual store, kiosks still need to perform the same POS functions. This includes receipts for transactions, however, often times out-dated printers are a major cause of kiosk down time. If the printer does not work, then the kiosk can not make sales.

Zebra Tecnologies recently released the KR403, a kiosk receipt printer that offers a compact footprint, a range of mounting configurations, and Zebra Programming Language (ZPL). In addition to excellent print quality, the KR403 also provides expanded memory, fonts and barcode sets, including GS1 required barcodes.

The Zebra KR403 also features:

  • Looping presenter: decreases the chance of premature pulling or tearing that causes printer jams
  • Guillotine cutter: smoothly separates the printout from the paper roll
  • Large roll capacity: reduces reloading trips
  • Remote monitoring: provides notification when paper is jammed or low

Learn more about the Zebra KR403 and start seeing more uptime in your kiosk.