Zebra IQ Color Labels for Thermal Barcode Printing

If you’re looking for a good thermal printing method, but would like to add a bit of color, you may want to check out the Zebra IQ Color Label.

Based off existing thermal technology, the label is heated in order to create a print. However, the Zebra IQ Color takes things a step farther by making use of labels coated with an invisible, heat-activated ink. The ink is placed in pre-specified areas by the user and allows users to print color shapes, reverse images, graphics and text all atop the thermal label.

Best of all, the Zebra IQ Color Labels will work with your existing Zebra printers.

So you’re thinking great, these labels will solve my problems but I don’t want to buy new printers to print them. Well, great news these labels will work with your existing Zebra printers!

A variety of different industries could benefit from Zebra IQ Color labels. For example:

Transportation and Logistics
Color labels would allow for real-time inventory management and would allow workers to easily identify misplaced items. In turn, the ability to highlight special order instructions by using color labels would also reduce shipping and stocking errors.

Identification and prioritization of orders can be made easier with color labels.

IQ Color can reduce the cost of using additional labels for sorting and quality control.

Color labeling allows for easy identification of product attributes.