Zebra Introduces New, Ultra-rugged Additions to the TC70/TC75 Family

Zebra is constantly working to create the ultimate experience for their users by developing technology with a wide range of capabilities that are adaptable to any work environment; whether it may be indoors or out, rugged or calm, Zebra’s new TC72 and TC77 Android Touch Computers bring adaptable and powerful features for any work situation.

Developing the Ultimate User Experience

Zebra understands that technology is more than a tool—it is a user experience. The TC72 and TC77 are equipped with complete cellular network flexibility within a rugged device construction. Companies with varying cellular networks can be assured that the TC72 and TC77 offer flexible connectivity options for different networks.

After onboarding Zebra’s latest devices, you can provide their how-to videos, manuals, and drivers to your company and employees to ensure a seamless transition while getting acclimated to the technology. Equip your employees with convenient holsters, batteries, reliable chargers, and more!

Maximum Functionality and Efficiency

Zebra exceeds expectations with the features and advancements within the TC72 and TC77. Both devices have maximum computing power, rich locationing support, power-saving faster WiFi connections, and superior barcode capture, to name a few. The TC72 and TC77 are user-oriented, as Zebra wants to assist your company and employees create seamless and efficient transactions.

The Match for any Work Environment

With their rugged designs, both devices are ready to be handled in the toughest of conditions. With a Gorilla Glass touch panel and imager window, your employees can better resist scratches and the ever-dreaded shattered screen. The TC72 and TC77 are virtually waterproof, drop-proof, dust-proof, and tumble-proof! We weren’t kidding when we said that it can withstand any situation.

Mobility and Connectivity Perks

Never fret about an unsteady or inconsistent connection again—the TC72 and TC77 are equipped with WorryFree Wifi! With a stable connection across all devices, you can control access to Google Mobile Services. Zebra is pioneering with this control capability, as it is an industry first. Using Zebra’s bounty of administration utilities and app development tools with the TC72 and TC77 will ensure peak efficiency and productivity within your company.

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