Zebra Brings the Planet’s Most Popular OS to Enterprises

With four out of every five smartphones using Android, it might be the most widely used operating system in the world, but it has not enjoyed the same success in the enterprise market – until now. Thanks to advancements in management and security tools, the Android platform is now making waves in the enterprise world.

For example, business data is automatically made private thanks to enforced security between different applications, always-on VPN, and full disk encryption. The security of the device is addressed by several features, including hardware root of trust. Moreover, high levels of app security mean that work apps are authorized, allowing IT to control the apps that are installed on a device and determine who is allowed to use them.

Zebra for Android brings this security to even greater heights, with its Android mobile devices boasting its exclusive Mobility Extensions (Mx). This offers all the protection that enterprise Android users need.

Users can take advantage of lock device features, including NFC, Bluetooth, and USB, to boost security when copying data and loading applications. Government-grade encryption can be applied to selected files instead of the whole disk to keep performance from lagging, and users can also be locked into a particular business application so they stay productive and can’t access other apps at the same time. In addition, the ability to manage encryption keys centrally facilitates the swapping of devices and sharing of data. Zebra for Android also offers regular updates to stay on top of potential security breaches.

Additional Protection from LifeGuard

Thanks to LifeGuard for Android, Zebra Android enterprise mobile computers can extend their OS security support even after the consumer support stops, allowing a business to bring down the total cost of device ownership. LifeGuard provides frequent security updates and legacy OS security support during the transition to new operating systems. This helps give enterprise hardware a better overall value than consumer devices.

This blog post was based off of an article from Zebra. View the original here.

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