Zebra AP 7562 Mesh Access Point Review


Top Features

– Manage voice, video and data
– Extremely rugged aluminum casing
– Class-leading wireless speeds
– Excellent enterprise security features
– Easy management and great scalability

Our Take

The AP 7562 Mesh Access Point by Zebra Technologies was designed from the ground up to provide blazing Wi-Fi speeds in virtually any outdoor environment. It is designed with dual radio technology to allow the fastest possible voice, video and data streaming benchmarks in outdoor environments, plus it provides true gap-free security to keep your users protected.

Additionally, the AP 7562 Mesh is made from die-cast aluminum so it can stand up to even the worst outdoor conditions. It continues to perform flawlessly in even the worst of downpours, with the highest consistent uptime rates in its class. The AP 7562 can also serve as a standalone device to step up to 5th generation Wi-Fi or it can be implemented as part of an existing network that’s upgrading over time.

Overall, Zebra’s AP 7562 Mesh Access Point is rugged, durable and offers the fastest, most consistent outdoor network available on today’s market. At an attractive purchase price and numerous technological advances, it will be tough to beat within this segment.


The Good

The AP 7562 Mesh Access Point offers excellent outdoor wireless coverage with the durability to withstand Mother Nature’s worst. It also implements excellent security and remote management capabilities without sacrificing data speeds or voice quality, and the dual band technology ensures excellent uptime with superior range, even in sub-zero or extreme tropical temperatures.

The Not So Great

With class-leading uptimes, data speeds, competitive pricing and overall longevity, the AP 7562 Mesh Access Point offers very little to complain about. After extensive testing in multiple outdoor environments, it performed as promised right out of the box with blistering data speeds.

The Bottom Line

Overall, our geeks couldn’t be happier with the Zebra AP 7562 Mesh Access Point since it is simple to deploy, provides excellent connectivity speeds and incorporates government-level security right out of the box. With the ability to withstand heavy snowstorms, pouring rain and even hurricane force winds while still getting the job done, the AP 7562 Mesh is a superior solution for outdoor wireless access.

What’s New?

– IP67 rated die cast aluminum enclosure
– Dual radio 802.11n/802.11ac and three spatial streams
– 5th generation 1.3 Gbps Wi-Fi
– True 24/7, 365 security out of the box
– MeshConnex technology to maximize uptime

Ease of Use

Zebra’s AP 7562 Mesh Access Point is extremely easy to deploy either as a standalone device or part of a more robust network. With world-class security, excellent support, low maintenance and remote management functionality, it couldn’t be easier to have your employees/guests streaming at maximum speeds indoors or out.

Best Environments and/or Applications

Since the AP 7562 Mesh combines the fastest connectivity speeds available with the most rugged casing and security features. It’s a perfect choice for any outdoor environment where exceptional voice, data and video speeds are required.

To learn more or to purchase the AP 7562 Mesh from Zebra Technologies, contact Barcoding, Inc.