Zebra Adds UHF Gen 2 RFID Encoder to Card Printers

Zebra Technologies has announced an extension to their popular card printers-the P330i and P430i.  These two card printers are now available with an ultra-high frequency (UHF) Gen 2 RFID encoding option.  This new UHF RFID capability provides increased read-range and more security options.  Zebra’s UHF cards can be read up to 20 feet from the reader, instead of just inches provided by standard RFID cards.

The powerful P330i/P430i card printer/encoders provide fast throughput and a rugged design.  The P330i (pictured above) with UHF capabilities can encode 135 single-sided full color cards an hour at 300 dpi.  The P430i (pictured at left) with the UHF option can encode 133 single-sided full color cards, or 99 dual-sided full color cards an hour, also at 300 dpi.

This new option makes the P330i and P430i card printers ideal for:

  • Improved people tracking for high-security entrances and exits
  • Streamlining access to resources, such as amusement parks and ski lifts. In fact, Vail ski resort has selected Zebra’s P330i UHF RFID printer/encoder to create RFID-enabled identification cards for their “easy scan” system.
  • RFID-enabled customer loyalty cards
  • Work-in-process tracking and tracing

For more information about both of these models you can read the P330i Product Profile and the P430i Product Profile.  If you have any additional questions you can contact me at ehodges@barcode.com.  For pricing questions or to purchase these models, you can contact a systems integrator with the tab at the top of this page.