Zatar Review


Top Features

– Platform for building Internet of Things applications and devices
– A homepage to access and manage every device on network
– Simplified remote management capabilities and features
– Allows vast collaboration and sharing across network
– Industry standard APIs for device and application creation

Our Take

Zatar is an innovative cloud-based platform that allows users to connect and control their various Internet of Things (IoT) devices from anywhere on the planet. It is based on open-platform architecture to allow incorporation of an entire network from one centralized location- or from many at once. Collaboration is quick and easy with Zatar.

Additionally, Zatar supports industry standard protocol for device to cloud communication ensures increased security and seamless connectivity. Zatar uses Lightweight Machine to Machine (LWM2M) and Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP) protocol.

Our geeks were simply blown away with the overall functionality of Zatar and the possibilities it unlocks for the future. With true open source accessibility and dozens of applications already available, it is the perfect flexible solution to empower and connect your Internet of Things.

The Good

Zatar is the first open source enterprise IoT platform of its kind that sees your devices and accesses them through the cloud. Once connected, it opens the door to incredible sharing and collaboration possibilities that can change everything for an organization. With private, public and shared networks available, it allows you to scale to unlimited heights.

The Not So Great

While Zatar tried to minimize the learning curve for developers and companies alike with vast integration features and tools, the database of eligible devices is still expanding and nowhere near complete. This is merely a bump in the road, however, once you realize the bigger picture of what Zatar will become.

The Bottom Line

Zatar is the first and only platform designed for managing your Internet of Things at the enterprise level. By stripping away all the accessibility requirements of your many different devices throughout your network, Zatar simplifies, empowers and expands future possibilities in amazing ways.

What’s New?

– RESTful API for vast language compatibility
– Create applications using public API
– Endless sharing and collaboration options
– Included remote device management app
– Developer tools and kits for building IoT devices and applications

Ease of Use

The great thing about Zatar is that it can be as easy or as complex as each company needs it to be. While no programming is required to take full advantage of the cloud-based service, the option is always there to integrate it however you see fit. Or you can simply download the web app and connect to your supported devices.

Best Environments and/or Applications

Since the possibilities with Zatar are almost endless, almost any industry can benefit from its open source architecture and easy integration. With more developers committing to the Zatar platform every day, now is an excellent time to extend your network to new and exciting heights.

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