Zatar in the Cold Chain

By now, you’ve probably heard of Zatar, the cloud-based platform from Zebra that uses the internet of things (IoT) to enhance consumer experience. In the past, they’ve helped retailers improve the shopping experience, but now, they’ve taken their expertise to the supply chain—but not just any supply chain, the cold chain.

By using smart labels on packages, businesses can visualize pertinent information such as temperature and humidity. Paired with notifications, businesses can see real-time updates should conditions change, allowing for quick decision-making that could end up saving a delivery and ultimately, their bottom line.

Zatar was recently used at a seafood restaurant chain that was looking to improve their key performance indicator (KPI) associated with spoiled or unusable seafood. They needed a way to maintain visibility of the condition and temperature of the seafood shipments in order to ensure freshness upon arrival.

By using Zatar’s Smart Label, the seafood restaurant is able to audit perishable products anywhere along its supply chain, ensuring freshness. Full visibility also allows for a superior dining experience, which keeps customers happy.

Watch the video below to see how Zatar is making an impact on the cold chain: