Your Mobile Phone, a Concert Ticket & More!

Recently, we discussed our involvement with Mission Tix regarding mobile ticketing. A recent episode of “Your Money and Business” featured an interview with Barcoding’s very own Jay Steinmetz and Joe Loverde of Mission Tix. While mobile ticketing is still a relatively new concept, Steinmetz and Loverde elaborated on the possibilities.

While screen reflectivity was always a problem for mobile barcode scanning in the past, with the abundance of iPhones and Androids that provide standards, and the type of aggressive barcode scanners available, reflectivity issues have been able to be overcome.

Aside from the obvious benefit of not having to remember your ticket, mobile ticketing also makes it more difficult for counterfeiters. It’s hard to reproduce a barcode, and once someone has had their mobile ticket scanned, the system checks with the master database in real-time to prevent a 2nd person having a replicated barcode scanned. In addition, mobile ticketing is both environmentally and cost friendly. On-screen barcodes save trees, and from a supply chain perspective, there are less physical items needed such as paper, printers, ink, and toner.

If you’ve got Bieber Fever and didn’t get your ticket to his performance at the MD State Fair, then you’re out of luck. According to Mission Tix, there were 3-6 tickets sold every second, and the concert was sold out within 9 minutes. With such a young fan base, many Bieber fans are bound to use their mobile tickets at the upcoming Fair, and many other venues.

Perhaps the only downside of mobile ticketing is for those nostalgic ticket stub collectors. But now-a-days, most people simply save pictures to their cell phone’s gallery, where they can take a stroll down memory lane on-the-go.

Ultimately, mobile barcoding will presumably take over physical tickets for not only concerts, but movies, travel and of course coupons and store loyalty cards. If you have an idea on what else mobile barcodes could be used for, let us know by commenting here, or on our Facebook page.

Check out the entire interview with Steinmetz and Loverde below:

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