Yard Management Solutions Using RFID

forkliftIf your organization has a lot of workers beyond the four walls, particularly in an outdoor environment where items are moved by construction equipment, then you know how difficult it can be for workers to record accurate data on top of their regular duties.

Barcoding Inc. now offers a yard management solution for this very problem. By using RFID tags, readers, and GPS tracking, the responsibility of data collection is relieved from the driver and performed automatically, allowing workers to focus on their tasks at hand.

How it Works

The Yard Management Solution from Barcoding Inc. is very easy to use; when the driver begins their shift, they simply log-in via a vehicle mount computer such as the Motorola VC5090. From there, the driver will be associated with that vehicle and all actions performed by it. After log-in, a pick-sheet will appear on the driver’s screen, which directs the driver where to go and informs them of items that need to be picked throughout the yard via a map, depicting the closest items from the driver’s location. After this, the driver simply picks the item, which is then removed from every driver’s queue, eliminating the chance of two drivers going to pick the same item.

Once the driver becomes close to the item, beeps will sound, and when the item is picked the RFID reader will verify that the tag on the item corresponds with the proper item to be picked. After this, they will be directed to move the item to the appropriate location, and after the item is unloaded, the GPS reader will verify that is has been placed correctly.

With a yard management solution such as Barcoding Inc.’s, workers benefit by:

  • Focusing on picking, not worrying about finding the items or keeping records
  • Not having to leave their vehicle to scan barcodes because of alerts via the RFID tag
  • Have real-time visibility to every item in the yard, with a 3D view of an item’s location
  • Reducing the number of errors

Management can benefit from a yard management solution by:

  • Not worrying about inaccurate data; data is now collected automatically
  • Viewing reports on how efficient each worker is, how many items they pick and/or move throughout the day, or how long each driver takes to pick each item
  • Having instant visibility to yards, knowing where each item is at any one time
  • Improving carrier scheduling and appointment processing
  • If you’re interested in learning more about a Yard Management Solution from Barcoding Inc., please contact them.