XPO ACCESS™: Event Access Control Solution

XPO Access™ is a new system from Barcoding, Inc. that improves and simplifies event management. This all-in-one solution helps track, manage, and secure access to company events and designate event areas. It utilizes an optimized data collection process while performing these functions.

Validating Registrants

XPO Access™ uses scanning technology to validate registrants. This system drops traditional clipboard checklists and name-tags. Instead, registrants are identified and tracked via their unique, scannable badges. Event managers can more easily determine if registrants are in the correct event areas and can also secure access to VIP sections.

After the event is over, this system provides companies with accurate data of who attended what sessions, giving them insight on how to plan their next events and how to follow up with attendees.

Differentiating VIP and NON VIP Attendees

For events with designated VIP areas and sessions, XPO Access™ can easily distinguish multiple badge-levels. This guarantees that VIP areas will remain for VIPs only.

Ease of Use

It’s important that event managers don’t have to worry about the technology they are using. Even for companies that require a highly customized system, Barcoding, Inc. provides full service deployment. This ensures that all XPO Access™ systems are ready to use out of the box, letting event manages keep their focus on the event at-hand.

Another key feature is the system’s incredibly low training requirement. After reading the provided one-page startup guide, any event manager can begin using the system.

Also, through the use of real-time data syncing, XPO Access™ lets companies upload and adjust their attendee list anytime and from any location.

Real-World Uses

XPO Access™ is can be used for many events, big or small. The system is perfect for Alumni groups, commencements, festivals, concerts, and tradeshows, especially those that require secure access and the management of multiple locations or VIP/Non VIP levels.
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