XPO Access™ Customer Story – Executive Forum

The Barcoding, Inc. Executive Forum is our company’s trademark event. It is the industry’s leading supply chain automation and innovation conference, and it attracts over 400 people. For the forum, we needed a system to facilitate its event registration, one that was seamless, smart, and secure. To hit all of these criteria, we chose XPO Access™.

Simple Solution

One of the main reasons we chose XPO Access™ for our marque event was its simplicity. The system was both easy to deploy and easy to use, and our staff required minimal training before they could operate the system the day of our forum.

Also, we were looking for a system that would create a simple initial entry point into the forum. XPO Access™ included an on-site printing function. This allowed us to print badges for attendees who forgot to register beforehand, and avoided any delays during the registration process.

Event Control

Another reason we decided on XPO Access™ was its unique form of event control. We had a Baltimore Ravens player at the forum’s happy hour and we were afraid people may have tried sneak in. The system allowed us to control our access points, especially with each registrant given their own unique badge. Overall, XPO Access™ gave us the feeling of safety that we were looking for, because we knew the right people were entering the event
and its sessions at all times.

Event Tracking

With the system, we were able to track who was coming into the forum and then where they were going. XPO Access™ let us keep track of all the sessions that each of our registrants attended. This was key because it let us know what topics were important to each individual registrant. Also, we knew exactly how many people came as compared to registered. Thanks to XPO Access™, we can rely on the data and trust that it is correct, and all this information will be paramount when we plan next year’s Executive Forum.

“I would recommend the solution to event managers of any kind of event where they really need that secure access to the entry points. That, I think, is the real benefit of XPO Access™,” said Jody Costa, our Marketing Director.

Also, our chief technology officer, Martin Jack, said, “In order to host and execute an efficient and successful event, it is crucial to have top-of-the-line technology… XPO Access’ data collection capabilities empower planners and venues to better allocate staffing and resources for future events, and enable them to reduce overhead costs.”

This blog post was based off of an article from Baltimore CityBizList. View the original here.

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