World’s First Cobblestone QR Code

We recently discussed QR code mosaics being used in Brazil in order to keep tourists informed and engaged. Now, other cities are following suit.

This time, the QR code is in Lisbon to promote Portugal and provide cultural information. But rather than a mosaic, the QR code in Portugal is made out of cobblestones, making it the world’s first.

Once scanned, users are taken to a site featuring cultural content and audio clips of artists describing their work. To entice travelers to scan, there’s a reward to win a free hotel stay in Lisbon.

Watch the video below to see the world’s first cobblestone QR code in action:

Do you think QR codes will stick around long enough to make these sorts of artistic projects worthwhile? Or will the QR code cobblestones soon become a random pattern to passerbys? Share your thoughts by commenting below, or on our Facebook or twitter pages.