Workabout Pro 3 from Psion Teklogix

The Psion Teklogix Workabout Pro 3 is a rugged handheld computer that allows users the choice of numerous hardware add-ons and software applications. Suited for the mobile workforce, the Workabout Pro 3 is ideal for field service, logistics, warehousing, transportation and manufacturing applications.

Since the Workabout Pro 3 offers hardware expansions, it’s easy to add new modules, such as fingerprint scanners or RFID readers, depending on your needs. If your needs change, simply add a new module, rather than having to invest in an entirely new device.

Built to withstand multiple drops to concrete, the rugged yet ergonomic Workabout Pro 3 easily handles shock, and it’s IP65 rating protects it against dust and water from any direction.

The hardware modules of the Workabout Pro 3 make this Psion Teklogix handleld truly unique, allowing the device to go wherever you go, and do whatever you need. View the video below to see it in action!