Logistics: Not Just for Men

This year’s International Forklift Operator of the Year event boasts more female operators in its final round than ever before, along with some of the youngest entrants ever at just 18 years of age. Is the face of the logistics industry changing?

The average HGV driver is a 51-year-old man, which means that bringing in new workers – particularly younger ones – is vital to keep a steady workflow as the current crop of drivers approach retirement.

Women looking for work could find some incredible new opportunities in this industry, which is believed to need nearly half a million new workers over the next five years to stay afloat. One UK organization is trying to show female jobseekers just how numerous and diverse the opportunities in this sector are.

Competition Hopes To Raise Awareness

Many women dismiss this type of job because they do not realize that the physical requirements and environment have changed dramatically in recent years thanks to modern technology. Those who actually give the matter a closer look, however, will end up being pleasantly surprised.

The makeup of this year’s International Forklift Operator of the Year honorees shows just how much things have changed in the field recently. It is hoped that the competition will bring about more awareness of the many opportunities awaiting women and young people in the logistics industry.

Some of the roles available in logistics include not only drivers but also accountants, managers, warehouse operators, and planners. The number of jobs in this sector is believed to be ten times as many as those that are available in careers that are typically dominated by women, such as fashion and beauty industries.

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