Wireless Hand-held POS System Aids Restaurant Business

mc50In the restaurant business, servers know how difficult it can be to turn tables if their restaurant’s POS is difficult to use and there are only a few stations available to send in the orders. The longer it takes to send the orders to the kitchen, the longer it takes for customers to get their food, which can lead to complaints for management and less overall sales.

A French bistro in New York City recently evaluated their POS system and decided that they needed an upgrade. Like most restaurants, their current POS was a fixed system requiring manual processes and a significant amount of training to learn. In order to save time traveling to and from fixed POS stations, servers would often take multiple table’s orders before entering them. This caused an array of problems including increased chance for errors and back-ups in the kitchen do the sudden surges of orders in the kitchen, ultimately causing meal turn around time to increase.

In order to fix these inefficiencies, the restaurant realized that they needed an easy-to-use wireless hand-held system that would work both in the restaurant and on the patio. Ultimately, they discovered the Motorola MC50 hand-held mobile computers.

The MC50 was able to accommodate all of the restaurant’s need, offering a four-foot drop rating and eight hours of continuous usage. By decreasing unnecessary trips to and from stationary POS stations, servers saved time by sending orders to the kitchen and bar right from the table, receiving real-time updates of menu items that are unavailable, ultimately allowing for more guest interaction.

After switching to the hand-held POS system, the restaurant was also able to better inform guests with food allergies, in addition up-selling because of the wine pairings servers could easily view on the devices’ screen. This places less stress on the server, but also allows drinks to be sent to the bar quicker, in turn, increasing the amount of drinks ordered and thus, money spent. Another handy feature about the Motorola MC50 is that servers can securely process credit card orders directly from the table and instantly print the receipt, speeding up the entire process and turning tables faster than ever before.

While I haven’t been to any restaurants that use even a remotely similar system, using a wireless POS system is definitely a win-win situation for customer, servers, and management alike.

If you’re interested in a wireless POS system or the Motorola MC50, you can learn more here.