Windows Mobile 6.1 Enhancements for IT and Administrators

Yesterday I shared some of the Windows Mobile 6.1 enhancements that benefit mobile workers, today I’d like to go over the new features that benefit IT and administrators.  The biggest enhancement is that Windows Mobile 6.1 enables Microsoft System Center Mobile Device Manager (SCMDM) 2008.  Mobile Device Manager 2008 provides improved control over WM 6.1 devices and increased security management, allowing features such as:

Self-Service Enrollment Model- Now IT can quickly enable users to enroll new devices themselves saving time and resources.  IT can then view pending enrollments from a centralized location.

Single, Convenient Interface– Based on the familiar Microsoft Management Console (MMC), IT can view all WM 6.1 devices, settings, certificates, installed software and more from a single console.

Support for Exchange Server 2007 SP1- Easily manage and administer security, while allowing your workforce to access information no matter where they may be.

Lock-Down Capability– Administrators can remotely access WM 6.1 devices and disable certain hardware functions.  This allows maximum control over devices in the field.

 Active Directory Support– You can utilize the current Active Directory structure within your enterprise to deploy and manage WM 6.1 devices.  With over 130 settings, including security, encryption, and remote device wipe, plus custom Active Directory Management Templates, integration is easy.

The combination of WM 6.1 and SCMDM 2008 can provide an all-in-one solution for your enterprise.  You can learn more about Microsoft System Center Mobile Device Manager 2008, view some interactive videos and even download a free trial version HERE.