Windows Mobile 6.1 Enhancements for Developers

In addition to the new enhancements for Mobile Workers and IT/Administrators, Windows Mobile 6.1 also offers some great features for developers.  These include:

Windows Mobile 5.0 Compatibility– Previous Windows Mobile 5.0 applications will run just fine, but they must use supported APIs (Application Interface Programs).

Increased Virtual Memory– Developers will have more flexibility due to increased virtual memory.

Application Function Improvement– Using the .NET Compact Framework, developers will experience 150% to 700% improvement in application functions.

Faster Startup– Developers will see up to 25% improvement in application startup time.

With all of these improvements and enhancements it’s interesting to see how Windows Mobile 6.1 compares to past versions.  This Comparison Chart, provided by Microsoft, compares the features and functionality of Windows Mobile 5.0, Windows Mobile 6.0 and Windows Mobile 6.1.  For more information on mobile computers available with Windows Mobile 6.1, please contact me at