Will the iPhone 5 Have NFC?

Before the iPhone 4S came out, there was a lot of speculation as to weather or not it would include NFC technology. The iPhone’s largest competitor, Android, already had NFC, so it seemed like a logical step. But, much to our dismay, the iPhone 4S did not include NFC technology.

Now, the iPhone 5 is rumored to debut in late 2012 and again, we are still left wondering if NFC will be included. Nokia, Samsung and RIM have already been including NFC into some of their handsets, but who’s to say Apple will follow suite?

I recently came across a post from VDC Research that argues Apple will continue to hold out on NFC technology, reasons being:

Apple Loves the Cloud
Apps like Paypal already allow for easy payment methods and as more is moving to the cloud, the need for hardware seems outdated.

Apple is Waiting for a Larger NFC adoption
Since iPhones are typically replaced every 24-36 months, perhaps it makes sense to wait until NFC is more widely adopted so iPhone users can truly make use of and enjoy the new technology.

Apple could be waiting on improved security requirements before implementing NFC.

Value Proposition
What does NFC really bring to the table—the applications that support it are enhanced, but not dependent on NFC.

However, their NFC-related patents were recently granted, and it would be easy to link to payment information on ITunes accounts. But, until the iPhone 5 is officially launched, we’ll most likely be left wondering.
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