Will SmartWatches Be the Next Big Thing?

And if so… how will the impact barcode scanning and NFC.

Both Apple and Samsung are reportedly working on “SmartWatches”.

Despite the trend of growing screen sizes the SmartWatch is speculated to be the next big thing, presumably to bolster sales as SmartPhone sales have peaked and slowed.

However, this isn’t Samsung’s first SmartWatch attempt. Back in 1999, Samsung released the SPH-WP10 to respond to, what at the time, was coined a “…saturated market for wireless handsets.” But with a $700 price tag, it was hardly affordable. Then, in 2009, Samsung released the S9110, but it was still $600 and never even made it to the U.S. So, will Samsung’s third attempt be the charm?

While some are skeptical, it could make sense if the watch enhanced the smartphone’s functionality. Personally, it would be much easier to go running with a watch on than a SmartPhone strapped to your arm to keep track of miles. Add in NFC to the watch, and you might have yourself a moneymaker. Imagine being able to open your home and pay for things all by using your watch?

In addition to Samsung’s third watch attempt, Apple may be making its first. With their products’ popularity track record, the “iWatch,” or whatever they decide to call it, could be bound for success.

Could a watch really change the way we interact with our SmartPhones? Could we scan barcodes from it and pay for things? Share your thoughts and predictions on how the SmartWatch will effect barcoding and NFC by commenting below, or on our Facebook or twitter pages.