Will Laser Barcode Scanners Become a Thing of the Past?

We recently discussed how cameras could replace the barcode scanners in grocery stores. Now, new research from VDC Research, suggests that there will be an accelerated transition from laser-based barcode scanners to camera-based solutions that will be able to do far more than just read a barcode.

“Camera-based scanning, or “imaging” as it’s referred to in the industry, is going to displace laser in the vast majority of applications in the years to come. Instead of scanning the barcode with a laser, these new barcode readers use embedded cameras and software to take a picture of and then process the image to read, at the very minimum, the barcode. Simultaneously, these imagers can take a picture of virtually anything – the damaged product being returned by a consumer, the defective part moving down the assembly line, for example. The possibilities for new applications based on the captured information are virtually limitless,” said Senior Analyst Richa Gupta.

However, that doesn’t mean barcodes will be going away. If anything, their value to businesses will only grow as a result of new applications enabled by image-based scanning.

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