Will Digital Watermarks Replace QR Codes?

Digimarc offers digital watermarks as a QR code alternative, and potentially, a QR code replacement.

While QR code use has rapidly expanded over the past few years, they still haven’t lived up to all of their hype. And before they’ve even gotten exceedingly popular, companies are already trying to find the next biggest thing. Wouldn’t you rather be able to scan the entire item, rather than just a QR code, in order to see additional information?

That’s exactly what digital watermarking company Digimarc is betting on. Digimarc allows retailers to provide product information, coupons and other content without using a QR code.

“The problem with QR codes is that they’re not visually appealing and they take up space. You’re not going to see a watermark; it’s embedded in an image and you just need to let people know it’s there,” said Matthew Szerencse, market development manager at Digimarc.

However, unlike QR codes, which can be scanned with a multitude of different QR code scanning apps, Digimarc requires users to download the Digimarc Discover app. But once downloaded, the scanning process is easier in that you don’t need to find and aim at a QR code.

Once a consumer scans a package with the embedded mark, Digimarc is able to see the number of times it was scanned, device types and location-based data. In addition, it collects personal information, such as email addresses.

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