Why Now is the Time to Leverage Industrial IoT

If your company has yet to integrate the Internet of Things (IoT) into its operations, chances are, you soon will. According to a recent Modern Material Handling Industry report, at least 50 percent of companies will be leveraging IoT for supply chain tracking within the next one to two years. If you’re considering a future IoT investment, now is the time to get ahead of this revolutionizing technology.

The IoT market is continuing to grow and more companies are choosing to leverage these tools in their operations. With a current low cost of ownership, your organization should take advantage of IoT for a valuable return on investment.

While industrial IoT can benefit your organization in many different ways, our focus is enhancing quality and efficiency for greater supply chain and asset management. Here are some ways industrial IoT can be leveraged for your success.

Quality Assurance

To deliver high-quality products, an organization must have proper insight into its operations. IoT solutions take current track-and-trace technologies a step further with greater insight and context of your products and supply chain.

With industrial IoT, organizations can see if and when a product is not meeting its quality standards. These tools give organizations the opportunity to make adjustments before a product reaches its end user—or simply remove the item from their supply chain. Not only can it help identify and locate any low-quality items, but it can help ensure all other items are of desired quality.

No matter where in transit your item is, industrial IoT technology, like Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), for example, can provide data on the environmental conditions surrounding the item, such as temperature and humidity. This feature helps organizations ensure they are delivering a high-quality and consistent product. In addition, IoT technology can help better control these environmental factors to prevent materials from losing functionality and quality, as well as prevent financial loss due to damaged items.

Enhanced Efficiency

RFID continues to be an integral part of supply chain tracking technology for organizations to provide an efficient operation. RFID, one of the variants of IoT, and other IoT solutions can work together to create a “smart” warehouse environment for an organization’s supply chain. If properly implemented, an IoT solution can automatically receive and ship through RFID, minimizing the need of manual labor and limiting the opportunity for human error.

In every organization’s supply chain, efficiency matters throughout the entire process—from the moment you have the raw material until you deliver the finished product to an end user. Once the product leaves the warehouse and is in the transit stage, IoT technology can be implemented to create a more efficient fleet-vehicle tracking system. By tracking location, speed, route, and turn-by-turn history, these solutions provide insight to ensure your product goes through the quickest and most efficient route possible.

Improved Manufacturing

Industrial IoT can expand visibility into an organization’s operations to illuminate what is truly happening on the factory floor. This function of IoT helps organizations ensure their manufacturing process and technologies are properly functioning, while lowering potential costs due to preventative malfunction information.

Industrial IoT technology can provide detailed statuses of manufacturing tools while idle and in-process, including proper functionality, temperatures, and vibrations. In addition, it can check for maintenance issues and keep you up-to-date with pressure, leak, equipment fluid levels, and more to allow for preventative measures before a bigger issue arises and becomes more costly.

Modern industrial IoT technology gives organizations the opportunity to leverage data and provide enhanced visibility to all functions of their supply chains. Others are already leveraging IoT for their operations and seeing a gain in operational value—what are you waiting for?

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