Why Now is the Best Time to Modernize Your Mobile Computing Devices

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By Shane Snyder, President

Microsoft will end support for its Windows 10 Mobile devices beginning in December of this year. While devices will still work into 2020, security updates and other critical support functions will cease.

With this planned phase out, organizations across industries—from distribution and transportation, to manufacturing, retail, and health care—will need to modernize their mobile devices. Modernization will not only allow companies to move from Windows to an Android environment, it will also provide the opportunity to introduce efficiencies to those applications. For example, if you have 12 buttons on an app with the old OS, but your team only uses three of them for their daily tasks, you now have the opportunity to improve productivity by streamlining the interface for your employees in the new OS.

So, how can companies prepare for success in 2020?

Four Steps to Modernization Success

The first step is to take stock of what you have. How many devices does your company own? What OS is currently installed on them? And what is your status in terms of support contracts? Once you take this inventory, you’ll have a better sense of the scope of modernization you need.

Second, consider taking an internal survey of your operations team—your end user community—to fully understand the utilization rates for your devices. One benefit of modernizing your devices is the ability to automatically capture utilization rates. For example, at Barcoding we offer reporting functions on Android devices that show who uses each device, how often it is used, and other insightful information that allows our customers to measure the effectiveness of their investment.

Third, keep in mind that you don’t need to undertake this project alone. When selecting a partner, look for a company with experience in modernization projects that can also help you evaluate your business processes. The right partner can help ensure the functionality of each device is appropriate for your business needs and can explore ways to expand that functionality as you modernize.

And finally, as you begin the modernization process, form a focus group made up of end users on your team to talk through what they like about the current devices and what they would change about the current environment. You can also have them test out the new interface as you make updates to ensure your updated devices are suitable for the employees who will use them.

If you haven’t already begun modernizing your devices, now is the time. Taking a proactive approach will help you protect your company from potential security breaches, save you money by not waiting until the last minute to make upgrades, and provide you with the opportunity to create a custom solution that’s right for your business.

Looking to modernize your mobile devices but not sure where to begin? Email me at shane.snyder@barcoding.com and I’ll be happy to assist!

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