Why Companies Can Benefit From Thinking Like A Software Exec

As technology starts to take over nearly every product we use and the Internet of Things continues its ascent, some experts have been touting the benefits that business managers can gain from thinking like a software executive. How exactly can this type of thinking be adopted? Here are a few tips.

Aim For Constant Improvement.

Anyone who has ever used any type of software will already be familiar with the fact that software is constantly evolving and improving, with version 2.03.1 replaced by 2.03.2 in what sometimes feels like hours. That’s why it is vital to always remain one step ahead by experimenting with new technology and approaches.

Instead Of Worrying About Disruptors, Be The Disruptor.

Infosys CEO Dr. Vishal Sikka opines that too many firms use disruption as an excuse for falling short of expectations. He told Forbes’ Joe McKendrick that instead of propelling companies forward, management uses it as a crutch. He points out that highly successful firms like GE embrace digital trends, and that is what keeps them at the forefront.

Encourage The Formation Of Partnerships.

One big benefit of modern technology is that it is now easier than ever to integrate partners into different parts of operations. By forming partnerships, maximum value can be delivered to customers.

Change Your View Of IT.

A bigger IT department is not always better, despite the ever-bigger role that technology plays in modern business. Instead, every worker should be encouraged to use software thinking, not just those in IT. If workers are empowered to think and take action like those who work in innovative startups, you’re likely to see the same great results many of these firms experience.

Thinking like a software executive can essentially be boiled down to two things: ensuring that customers’ needs are met rapidly and focusing on innovation.

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