Why Big Data and IoT are not the Same Thing

The Internet of Things and Big Data are revolutionary technologies that are based around the fact that they use intelligent systems, so what similarities or differences do they have?
In order to find this out, it is important that we understand what IoT is. A basic explanation is that it is a tool to make the things we use smarter, contextually aware, and easily visible. IoT involves implanting sensors and microchips into objects that previously had no capacity to compute whatsoever. It is being used on everything from the things we wear, to automobiles and even refrigerators.

The Best Way To Understand Data Is As Potential Intelligence
IoT companies have been implanting microchips and sensors into a large percentage of the devices and consumer products that are in production today. The question is, what do they accomplish? They are not making the devices and products into something as powerful as a PC. What they do is enable them to collect data. The data can contain information about everything from the status of machinery to how consumers buy and use them.

The Efficiency Of Iot Depends On The Effectively Data Is Transmitted
Since IoT enabled devices are connected and smart, companies have created an entire new range of technology infrastructure. The range includes modified hardware, new software applications, and operating systems that are embedded into the products. Together, with that network infrastructure, communications are necessary so that connectivity can be supported, in addition to the product cloud that holds the database. In order to ensure that all of this works and the implementation is successful, there must also be a platform in place on which to lay the foundation to build software applications to act as a gateway through which device data can be accessed. This will then allow the data to be sent to more devices. The result is that the things are connected into the business system infrastructure.

The Role of Big Data
As these systems and infrastructures grow, the inevitable result is that there will be a deluge of data for companies to manage. This is where Big Data and IoT intersect. As IoT becomes more widespread, data will be moving everywhere. Big Data is not as new as IoT, and as a result, there are already powerful analytics tools out there with which to manage it. As IoT is the future, Big Data is the prime strategy for businesses that want to remain competitive.

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