Who’s Using Microsoft Tag?

While we at barcode.com have discussed Microsoft Tag before, it seems that much of our focus, in addition to many of the campaigns, have been geared toward more traditional QR codes. However, this is not to say that one is definitively more popular than the other, but Microsoft Tags are being used by an array of companies for a variety of different campaigns. Let’s take a look at who’s using them and why.

Microsoft Tag Gets Married
Get Married Magazine is the first bridal publication to use Microsoft Tag. By including the tags in their magazine, advertisers can strengthen the relationship between the brides and the products while gaining insightful knowledge about the bride-to-be as a consumer. We also wrote about how Microsoft Tags can be customized with your own personal design. GetMarried.com created a Microsoft tag, appropriately filled with hearts.

Microsoft Tag at the Gizmodo Gallery
In addion to making its way into print publications, Microsoft Tag made an appearance at Gizmodo’s gallery in Soho, NYC. The tags were used on place cards that accompanied old and new tech gadgets such as the Beatles XBOX and the oldest mobile typewrite, linking the items to additional information for viewers to read on the web.

Microsoft Tag Travels to Amsterdam
Now while folks wait for the bus at Amsterdam’s Central Station, they can receive specific arrival and departure information, the latest news on public transportation, a mobile movie series and artwork of the day, just by scanning a Microsoft Tag with their mobile device.

Microsoft Tag even has its own ning page, a site that allows you to create a social network for anything. In addition, Microsoft has created videos called “Tag Talk,” updating Tag enthusiasts on the latest and greatest uses for Microsoft Tag.