Where to Stand When Using RFID

How you stand near an RFID-enabled device can greatly impact its performance and signal strength, especially since different antennas have different reading patterns.

Directive UHF RFID Antenna with Circular Polarization
A directive UHF RFID Antenna with circular polarization is generally less sensitive to tag orientation. However, tags behind the user can be harder to read, but they are ideal for POS applications, since the reader will not read any item other than one placed in a defined device read area.

Omnidirectional UHF RFID Antenna
An omnidirectional RFID antenna radiates power equally in every direction—antenna construction consists of two dipoles in a cross formation, making the reader less sensitive to tag orientation. It’s best to not stand too closely to these types of RFID readers, as this can slow down the read-rate. Although omnidirectional, tags in front of the reader are generally read better than those in the back.

Directive UHF RFID Antenna
A directive UHF RFID antenna efficiently radiates power straight ahead of the antenna, with a range of approximately 5m.

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