When Choosing A Barcode Scanner…

Deciding to get barcode scanners for your business is a no-brainer, but choosing the right one is a much more difficult decision. Many different types exist, which is good in the sense that there will be more than one option to suit your needs. Of course, that’s also where things get confusing. How can you be sure to make the right choice with so many options available?

Primary Types

First of all, you should keep in mind that you can find many types of scanners, including fixed-mount, hands-free, portable, and pen-type scanners. Regardless of type, most scanners work using either a laser or image capturing, which is yet another decision you’ll need to make. Laser scanners use a red diode in order to read the black-and-white codes on packages and don’t need a terrible amount of precision to get a good reading. Image scanners, on the other hand, make use of image capture technology. These tend to be more expensive, but they also lend themselves well to mobile applications that can usually scan many types of codes, such as QR, 1D, and 2D.

Other Considerations

Next, you need to consider your type of business and the environment in which the barcode scanner will typically be used. If you will be doing a lot of scanning, look for those that have a high capacity for continuous scanning, such as 60 to 120 images each second. If you will only need to scan barcodes occasionally, one with a longer processing time will suffice. If you need something durable for a warehouse or utility company, look for an IP rating of IP54 or IP65.

You should also take into consideration how close your workers will be able to get to the item that needs to be scanned. Will they be holding it in their hand or will it be hanging from a ceiling several feet away? Always be sure to check that the range will work for your purposes. If you’re going to go with a battery-operated scanner, you’ll have to find out about the battery life and see if it will work for you.

Choosing the right barcode scanner doesn’t have to be overwhelming if you break down the many options into a few vital requirements. This will help you discard a lot of unsuitable choices right off the bat. After that, it will really just be a matter of choosing the right price and supplier.
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