What You Need from your Fleet Management System

Fleet management has never been easy and the difficulty will only increase if fleet management systems are not optimized. Small business owners who are in the know will not settle for a sub-standard fleet management system with this in mind. They will look out for an option that is best tailored to their needs with regards to cost reduction, waste management, and enhanced routing for example. The question is, where might this small business manager find this system, and what should they be looking for? To answer this question, the below list of requirements should be considered when choosing your fleet management system:

1) Technology hosted in the cloud: Having a central data storage facility hosted in the cloud means that you can collect data from across your fleet in one place, including routes, fuel expenditure and tracking journey time.

2) Mileage tracking: GPS software means that companies can now have the capability to monitor distances covered by their fleet and calculate how fuel efficient they are. This allows for a greater visibility into fuel usage, making it easier to cut costs.

3) An expenditure tracking system: The key to running a fleet management system is not just about watching spending, but also being able to cut down costs where possible. The system you install should make this easy for you to have insight into where money is being spent and for what reason. Therefore, it is easy to identify which routes are inefficient and how overspending is taking place.

4) A robust preventative maintenance plan: Preventative maintenance is a key feature in reducing costs and vehicle downtime. A solid plan for regular maintenance should be adopted—it needs to be cyclical, identifies recurring problems and makes future maintenance much more simple. A good GPS system is capable of handling this by giving reminders about oil & tire changes, for example.

5) Proven ROI: When comparing solutions, ask the provider to supply a return on investment (ROI) record. GPS fleet management apps usually boost productivity by approximately 28%. Being able to see how it’s worked for other fleets means that you should be able to progress with confidence.

A GPS solution for fleet management can be great for your business. Being able to have the insights it can provide and act on them means that you can adjust expenditure across the business, and also deliver a better service to your clients.

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