What is the GS1?

Recently, we’ve talked a lot about GS1 standards and synchronization, but what exactly is the GS1, and who are they to make all these standards in which everyone must follow?

For the past 30 years, the GS1, a non-profit organization, has been dedicated to the design and implementation of global standards for the supply chain. Their standards provide a framework that allows businesses throughout the world to ensure that products, services, and information is moved efficiently and securely. In addition, their standards ensure effective changes between companies, acting as basic guidelines that aid interoperability and provide structure. By bringing companies from all parts of the supply chain together, GS1 standards make the supply chain faster, more efficient, less complicated, and less costly.

Since the GS1 is a neutral organization, it would be difficult to do business without them because there would be no standardization format on which companies throughout the world could all agree on and consistently enforce amongst themselves.

In addition to their standards, GS1 barcodes are the most well-known and universally recognized. Since the advent of barcodes, the GS1 has been building and managing barcode standards, enabling businesses to automatically identify products in a consistent manner, helping everyone to work more efficiently throughout the supply chain.