What Does The Public Think Of Drone Delivery?

Ever since drone delivery made its way into the spotlight with the launch of Amazon’s Prime Air in late 2013, the concept has garnered a healthy amount of debate. The retail industry sees a lot of possibilities when it comes to drone delivery, while regulatory agencies are trying to keep the potential problems under control. Perhaps the most important question, however, is what the likely recipients of the majority of these packages think of the idea: the general public.

Surprisingly, 79 percent of people said in a recent poll that they were open to the idea of drone delivery if it meant getting their package in an hour. Nevertheless, 20 percent of people are not comfortable with the idea, with the majority of those who oppose it saying that they were concerned about their package getting damaged or stolen in transit. Worries about technology, cost, privacy and safety were also identified by those who were against drone delivery.

Plenty To Work Out Before Drone Delivery Becomes Reality

Amazon has been working hard to set up specific safety plans that will allay the fears of people who have reservations about such a system. These plans entail a high level of communication between drone pilots during flights and dedicated lanes in the airspace for shorter journeys and longer trips to keep disturbances and the chances of collisions to a minimum.

It looks like there will be plenty of time for the skeptics to get on board, however. Last month, the Federal Aviation Administration issued new guidelines for commercial drones, but they have yet to be made into laws. They also haven’t changed the low-altitude airspace rules governing drones, which means drone delivery service will not be instituted on a wide scale until at least 2019.

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