What Do Barcodes, Apples and Mountain Lions Have in Common?

Apple plans on rolling out new barcode functionalities in their latest OS X, Mountain Lion

Apple’s recent announcement of Mountain Lion has everyone in the mac community waiting in anticipation, but what could this mean for the barcode community?

It seems as if barcodes will play a large role in Mountain Lion. It’s rumored that the new OS X will have a new “CoreRecognition” and a “CRCodeRedeemer” built for turning barcodes into app licenses.

Current 2D barcodes, such as QR codes, may link to a website or app, but visitors do not always convert into customers. The new features in Mountain Lion will allow users to hold up a card to the Mac’s camera and download prepaid apps from the App Store. This proves to be especially convenient for developers who are looking to market their apps at events and tradeshows.

You may even be able to log-on to your mac through a simple wave of your iPhone.

While speculations are circulating, it makes sense that Apple make barcodes a larger part of their operating system, namely due to their huge growth in recent years.

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