Wearable Technology is Indispensable in Modern Warehouses

Warehouses were once mostly big spaces where inventory could be held until it was shipped, but times have changed. As ecommerce continues to grow and supply chains become more decentralized, warehouses are turning to modern technology to stay on the cutting edge. Wearable technology in particular is proving tremendously useful as warehouses transition from holding spaces to buzzing displays of the latest high-tech gadgets.

In fact, research shows that most warehouse operators are willing to invest in wearable warehouse technology if it means they will gain employee productivity. Wearable computers are an excellent starting point as they give operators quick and convenient access to product information and data entry. They can also capture bar codes and RFID tags with handheld ring scanners, even if the items are several feet away from them. When you compare this to the past approach of having to walk to centralized computers to find products, the advantages are clear.

Multi-modal systems are also bringing about unprecedented speed and accuracy by allowing workers to simplify tasks with spoken instructions. When used in conjunction with hands-free scanning, the time spent on picking items can be dramatically shortened. Moreover, voice-directed picking can help seasonal workers who are unfamiliar with stock location reach the productivity levels of regular workers in no time at all.

Mobile devices can also guide users to the best routes through a warehouse to further enhance efficiency, and they can support verification with hands-free scanning and real-time updates.

It’s the Right Time to Invest in Wearables

All of the savings such technology can provide come at a time when customers are increasingly demanding quick and affordable shipping, helping businesses to offset some of the expenses associated with attracting modern shoppers. Although it’s difficult to imagine how operations could be made even easier, technology continues to surprise us by coming up with the ability to help in ways that were previously inconceivable.

This blog post was based off an article by Zebra. Read the full article here.