We All Scream for RFID

When we think of uses for RFID technology, we may think of highly technical applications. However, RFID technology is rapidly gaining popularity, and is being used more and more in diverse applications.

Izzy’s, an ice-cream shop in St. Paul, Minnesota is using RFID technology to keep track of their inventory and keep customers constantly updated with what flavors are available. At the store, each flavor’s nameplate is embedded with an RFID tag and an antenna monitors and broadcasts information whenever and employee replaces one flavor with another, thus providing flavor availability in real time.

Customers can even subscribe to their favorite flavors so they receive alerts via Izzy’s website, Twitter page or Facebook page, when the flavors become available. Aside from keeping customers informed, the system is primarily used for inventory tracking purposes, so Izzys knows exactly where everything is and how much of it is left.

With consumers constantly retrieving information from their smartphones, its no doubt that people like to be updated with the latest information. This constant need to be informed is a rapidly increasing trend that lends itself well to RFID technology. Will more businesses follow in the footsteps of Izzy’s and use RFID to not only track their inventory, but keep their “followers” informed?