Waste and Recycling Benefitting from RFID

RFID is unquestionably popular in retail applications, but it is also making a name for itself in the recycling and waste industry. The technology is increasingly being used to help track containers and to verify service, among other tasks.

Asset tags have been used on waste and recycling containers for quite some time, collecting data and alerting the haulers when they need to be emptied. However, it is now being used for much broader applications.

The technology is now helping in the management and repair of waste containers, for example, as well as service verification and route management. It’s also being used more often for managing carts as municipal assets. RFID can help to monitor recycling participation levels at the route, street and even the individual level.

Management is finding it useful when it comes to route operations. It can provide information about the route itself, the driver’s performance, the vehicle’s condition, safety situations and any missed stops. This allows managers to help boost their fleet’s safety and productivity.

Challenges Facing RFID in Waste Management

Nevertheless, there are still some challenges to overcome given the unusual needs that some service providers have. For example, the billing process can pose some challenges. If all residents were to receive and pay for their services electronically, it would run quite smoothly, but since some customers receive paper invoices and their payments must be processed manually, there is a higher degree of complexity.

In addition, some RFID systems’ software does not automatically interface with the various customer service and billing software packages that are already in use.

Even though there might be a few hiccups, RFID technology shows no signs of falling out of favor in the waste and recycling industry. As RFID itself continues to evolve and become cheaper to use, its future looks very bright in this realm.

This blog post was based off of an article from Waste 360. View the original here.

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