Warehouse Management Systems

A Warehouse Management System (WMS) refers to the tracking of all warehouse activities and inventory operations by management, whether indoors or outdoors, management knows what is occurring.  Utilizing a barcode system for warehouse management provides the fastest, most economical and most accurate way of collecting information about warehouse activities.  Plus, with the addition of a wireless network, management has real-time access to all data.

Warehouse management is a critical part of the supply chain and it is used to control the movement of materials, storage of materials and to process transactions within a warehouse.  Shipping/receiving, inventory control, put-away and picking is all seamlessly linked with a warehouse management system, allowing visibility of all warehouse activities and faster decision-making.  Warehouse management systems also provide the ability to meet customer demand by increasing shipping accuracy and speed. In addition, your labor productivity can be enhanced as well because it improves your warehouse picking efficiency.  For example, a WMS has the ability to tell an employee that a certain item is located in rack F1 and how many are available, this is because all data, including put-away location and number of pieces is recorded in the system when it enters the warehouse.  WMS software helps make all of this possible by connecting to the accounting and/or ERP/MRP system and receives sales orders, purchase orders and validates them against picks.

IntelliTrack WMS software is one example of warehouse management software that allows for effortless control over your warehouse and integrates with your accounting system.  IntelliTrack WMS has the ability to perform staging, moves, terminal messaging and pallet tracking, which are all capable of saving your company thousands of dollars each month.  You can Download a Free Demo Version of IntelliTrack WMS to see for yourself how beneficial this software can be for your company.  In addition to the correct software for your warehouse management system, you’ll also need the proper equipment for a harsh warehouse environment.  There are many options available, from rugged mobile computers with integrated barcode scanners, to vehicle mounted computers, to rugged barcode scanners; there is something perfect for every warehouse environment.  Just to name a few, Intermec , Symbol and Datalogic offer a variety of rugged designs.  If you need additional information about IntelliTrack WMS software or rugged scanners designed for warehouse environments you can contact Barcoding Inc. for all of your software, hardware and support needs.